04 July 2023

Amica Systems to introduce the Gemini 330-4C UV Label Press

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New Digital product line Amica Systems (Stand C90)
Gemini CMYK Label press.
The new Gemini 330-4C UV Label Press is designed with a full web drive train and comes with an automatic purge, wipe and cap functionality for easy operation. It gives you a print quality up to 600 x 1200 dpi and with our unique inter-colour pinning lamps we create a crisp print quality with a print width of 216 mm or 330 mm wide. 
LPS330 Stand-Alone Label Press
The LPS330 Label press is an innovative and cost-effective UV-LED inkjet tailored for short and medium run jobs. It combines the technology of multi-pass printing for excellent print quality up to 720 x 1200 dpi with White-CMYK-Varnish. Especially for In-house label printing and for printing companies for short runs labels
Scorpio150 6 colour Narrow Label Press
For the narrow web label press market Amica will launch a 6 color (CMYK+Orange+Green) UV label press. With this introduction of a 150 mm wide version, we will launch the Scorpio54 mm, 108 mm and 75 mm wide versions. Equipped with an automatic cleaning system and pinning LED lamps which makes it possible to print on a wide variety of materials. 

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