29 June 2023

Alphasonics Plaeto to be exhibited for the first time in Europe

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During the Covid-19 lockdown, the team at Alphasonics were busy working on an innovative and exciting new device to compliment their PCX range of Flexo Plate Cleaners. Plaeto is an automatic plate loading system that sits just in front of the PCX and will automatically feed up to 30 plates directly into the device. This offers great cost saving in labour as the operator can be utilized elsewhere, while Plaeto just keeps loading plates. Plaeto is particularly suited to companies with a large amount of plates to clean on a daily basis

Also new is an improved proofing roll cleaning system. As part of process control, it’s important that proofing rolls are cleaned in exactly the same way as the process rolls to ensure that any draw-down will accurately reflect what will be produced on press.

Also on display will be the usual array of anilox cleaning systems that are so widely used and loved by so many printers around the world.

As ever, the Alphasonics team will be on hand to answer any questions relating to anilox or plate cleaning. 

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