25 August 2023

Ahlstrom showcases the Acti-V® RF

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Ahlstrom will showcase its broadest range of release papers for silicone coating, embracing three main product families and various technologies to match any release liner application, even the most demanding one. The Company will also present brand new products with enhanced sustainability and circularity features:  
Acti-V® RF is a glassine release paper including at least 15% post-consumer recycled fiber, and featuring the typical light-yellow color used for label release liners.
Acti-V® RF Natural is an even more innovative glassine release paper featuring a natural kraft color, based on a combination of post-consumer recycled cellulose fiber (at least 15%) and unbleached cellulose fibers. 
Both products offer improved circularity by replacing a portion of virgin fibers with post-consumer recycled fibers, while Acti-V® RF Natural also eliminates the use of any dye, and allows greater carbon footprint reduction thanks to the replacement of bleached cellulose with unbleached. 
Recently launched Acti-V® Industrial RF Natural, is a custom version designed for double side silicone coating for application in double-sided PSA tapes. All new products maintain the outstanding performance of Ahlstrom’s proprietary Acti-V® technology, allowing a highly efficient silicone coating and converting process and showing potential reductions in consumption of energy, catalysts, and silicone.   

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