29 July 2019

Ahlstrom-Munksjö to showcase release papers range

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Ahlstrom-Munksjö will showcase its range of Acti-V® supercalandered papers, and SILCO™ clay-coated release papers at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

Based on patented, proprietary technology, Acti-V® release papers enable stronger and more durable silicone anchorage, as well as savings in platinum and energy through the silicone coating process. Acti-V® XB release papers also feature an enhanced surface barrier, effectively improving silicone coverage and offering the possibility to optimize silicone coat-weight.

The SILCO™ range of clay coated release papers includes Silco™ Flat high lay-flat, two-side coated papers, for high performance digital and screen printed or plotter cut graphic laminates.

The European release liner range is now complemented by clay coated, SCK, glassine and machine finished papers produced in the units in North and South America, as well as coated and uncoated face-stock label papers produced in South America.