13 June 2023

Agergaard presents the coatSEAL Flexi 3D

Click on image to download high resolution version

Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH will showcase high-performance end seals and doctor blades that allow label and narrow-web flexible packaging printers to increase press uptime, productivity and efficiency. Benefits of using application-specific end seals and doctor blades include enhanced sealing function and doctoring quality, extended service life and more sustainable use of resources.

The coatSEAL Flexi 3D end seal series is made to withstand abrasive and viscous UV inks, achieving reliable sealing results thanks to the improved rotational contact area between anilox roller and end seal. The coatSEAL Universal molded rubber seals offer a perfect fit in the chamber system, long lifetime, and optimum sealing for all ink types and coatings, even white and metallics.

The low-wear steel and plastic doctor blade solutions steelBLADE and polyBLADE are designed for high-quality label and packaging printing. Designated blade profiles and grindings, for example the Anti-Spit lamella support UV-label printers in achieving an even and continuous ink transfer without ink-spitting or leaking issues.


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